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Programme Times

Programme Times
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7-9am Derek Scott's Breakfast

Meridian radio welcomes experienced presenter, Derek Scott. Derek's here bright and early for your morning dose of radio entertainment.

7- 8pm Jolly Good Company

Dave Wright digs out some recordings from a selected record label and plays their finest moments as well as their low points.

8 - 9pm Music Museum

Dave Wright uncovers some of the exhibits in Meridian Radio's audio museum. Features include Songs Which Changed the World; Audio Cocoa; and rundowns on the UK top 40.

9-10pm Featuring Folk

It'sDoug Welch, a former Executive Officer of the charity which runs the station, and an old friend of Meridian Radio. After an absence of more than 17 years, he's back with his regular Monday night folk music show. Doug is something of an aficionado of folk music and every Monday night you can wallow in his extensive knowledge, enjoy his choice of traditional and modern folk music and catch up on the latest news, CD releases and gigs. Plus, from time to time hell be featuring live performances by local folk music artists on the programme. Whether youre a folkie , want to learn more about our traditional music, or just enjoy a laid back and relaxing programme, join Doug on Meridian Radio

7-9am Derek Scott's Breakfast

Derek's back bright and early for your morning dose of radio entertainment.

7-9pm The Kevin White Show

Kevin White presents all the classic tracks from 60's to the 90's music, comedy, strange news from around the world, the Triple Track History showcasing iconic artists and your own requests ands dedications freshly collected from the wards. On the 1st Tuesday of each month, get out your pop socks and Lycra leggings as it's 80's night with Kevin White.

The Rock 'N' Roll Kids

8-9pm Allen Taylor

9-10pm John E.Davies

Allen presents an hour of music from down the ages, has a 'Rocker from the Locker' and some topical discussion.

John will introduce you to a world of fantasy and fun. Hang onto your hats.

7-10pm Thursday Night with Mike Bartlett

Mike Bartlett visits the vaults for some real oldies, showcase an artist every week and include stories, comedy, records old and new plus you, the listener. Listen to the Music Masters, our brain-teasing Tricky Trio and enjoy humour and entertainment throughout the evening. The show features new talent on our station like Jason de Souza and Heidi Fardell, plus interviews, an amazing selection of music from across the years and special editions of the programme from time to time throughout the year.

6-8pm Alan King

The King returns, Alan King presents the best in pop and rock from down the ages along with a review of the latest news and comments from the world around us.

8-10am Wake Up Breakfast Show

Dave Berry presents a lively 2 hours of your dedications and requests. Hang onto your hats and fasten your seatbelts for the fastest moving breakfast show in history - with your requests and Dave's larger-than-life personality. It's fun and frolics all the way, and it'll leave you breathless for more ! Look out for Dave around your ward on Friday evenings collecting your requests, messages and dedications, and don't miss him on Saturday morning !