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Mike is the Station Manager and has been a member of our service for 30 years. Throughout this time, Mike has seen many people come and go and many changes, yet he remains a consistant and passionate leader in his role, which he has held for the past ten years.

Mike came into this business many moons ago as a bass player and singer in a rock band, he is still a passionate rock enthusiast.    He moved through most styles of music and even fronted a show band before discovering radio and the independance of becoming a club DJ.  Whilst working in local radio and a minor spell with the BBC, he discovered an access point to a Channel 4 production company, where he was involved in about forty shows.   On one series he managed to meet some of his favourite artists of the 60's, and re-aquaint himself with people like Georgie Fame, Gerry Marsden, and Marty Wilde.    He even worked with his all time hero Billy Fury on his last ever TV performance.

Mike hung up his turntables to open one then two restaurants, and still managed to employ more idols from his early years, the like of guitarist Denny Wright, violinist Johnny Van Deryck and indeed a young Martin Taylor.

Mike Bartlett can be found on Thursday Night between 7.00 - 10.00.  Also at the local imbibbing emporium on the "heath", or classic rock or jazz gig.

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