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Dave Wright
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Dave joined us in 1995 and gained broadcasting experience with King's College Hospital Radio before entering our service. As well as presenting his show on a Monday night, Dave compiles the Meridian chart, a chart of the most requested artists from our listeners.
As well as bveing a really good bloke, Dave is affectionately know as our 'anorak in residence' due to his vast knowledge of music trivia and also boasts an Honors degree in Music and History, received from the OU in 1999.
He is a father of two sons, Andrew and Matthew, from his previous marriage, but his wife Sue, who keeps him in line now, shares with him his enthusiasm for foreign travel and fine food.
Dave works for a Christian Mission charity in South London and is an Executive Commottee member of the Wooolwich Hospitals Broadcasting Service.
His preferred music includes 50's. 60's and 70's rock together with romantic classical composers.

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