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Rachel Gransden
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One of Meridian Radio's talented newcomers, Rachel is a trained actress who has appeared on stage and recently made her television debut in an advert for 'Wind-eze' - and, she'll soon be back on our TV screens again in a commercial for Walker's Crisps - playing Gary Lineker's mum ! Rachel is very enthusiastic about her work at Meridian Radio and believes that it is a unique medium which offers very real and personalised access by and to the listener.
With her colleagues Henry Nicholls and Fiona Harris, Rachel recently started a new programme on Meridian Radio on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 to 9.30 pm, "Curtain Up". As Meridian Radio's resident 'culture vultures', the team plan to bring you theatre and entertainment news, plays and stories as well as popular music, jazz, requests and a classical half hour at the end of the show.

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