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An Australian by birth, Fiona moved to London in 1991, and to South East London in 1998.  Fiona is a classical pianist by trade, she also teaches piano, lucky students.   She has an appetite for knowledge and blames Mike, Tony, Kevin, Allen, Henry and Rachel for fueling the fire in her quest to learn more about radio.
From her early days with Meridian she made up for her lack of knowledge in some musical fields with pure enthusiasm and passion.   Fiona especially enjoys her beat on the hospital wards as she goes on her regular hunt for requests and dedications to play on the air.    Her part within 'Thursday Night at the Empire' soon outgrew the show in popularity, her unique personality comes to the fore now in the show 'Curtain Up' on Tuesday Evenings.
In the meantime Fiona continues to be a working musician, teaching, playing and recording as much as she can, and especially with her husband Barnaby, clarinettist with the Philharmonia Orchestra.
Fiona's most recent resolution is to go and visit her family 'down under' more often, and learn to sail, combining the two could slow her travel arrangements.
Listen in to Fiona and remember her, she really is as nice as she sounds, and will probably be a broadcasting celebrity of the future.
Don't forget to tune in to Meridian Radio on Tuesday evenings and listen to Fiona Harris.

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