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Henry Nicholls
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Officially, he is Dr. Henry Nicholls, PhD, but to his colleagues at Meridian Radio he's just Henry The Hat, after his penchant for wearing strange headgear ! Henry is a jazz enthusiast, some of which features in his Tuesday night programme on Meridian Radio, but he also has wide ranging musical tastes which are reflected in his weekly playlists. A gifted writer who regularly contributes articles to Science journals and who has been published in The Guardian newspaper, Henry frequently turns his hand to original short stories for Meridian Radio, and even 'playlets', in which he acts out his thespian  fantasies with Meridian's real acting talent, Rachel Gransden !
Listen to Henry every Tuesday evening on Meridian Radio between 7 and 8.30pm and wonder what extraordinary concoction he's wearing on his head. It could be a fez, a Hungarian peasant's cap, or a Fireman's Helmet ! Who knows ??

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