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A relatively new recruit to Meridian Radio, Jessica is a University graduate with  an honours degree in being friendly to people  ! With her bubbly personality and sense of humour she has already established herself as a welcome addition to the team, working as a Programme Assistant with presenters Mike Bartlett and Tony White on their Thursday evening show Thursday Night At The Empire.  A Lincolnshire lass by birth, she's getting used to their teasing, but gives as good as she gets !

Jessica is becoming a popular figure around the wards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, too, where she may be found early on Thursday evenings joking with patients as she collects their requests and dedications. Back at the Meridian Studios, she organises her requests and music and presents the request section of the programme in her own inimitable style. Jessica is a talented lady who was once a Disco Dancing champion in her home town. A not very reliable legend has it  that she was also the Scunthorpe and District Underwater Three Legged Viennese Waltz and Blindfold Tango Championship Queen, 1994. We have yet to see the trophy. Jessica lives with her partner James, a stand-up comedian, in South London.

You can hear Jessica between 8.30 and 9.30pm every Thursday evening on Meridian Radio. Look out for her around the wards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, too.

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