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John E.Davies

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John E.Davies is a local lad.

He was brought up in Lakedale Road, Plumstead, and schooled at Bloomfield. He has been in Hospital Radio for over 30 years, but has only recently joined Meridian Radio.

He started HR at St Nicks in Plumstead, and then he was at Erith Cottage Hospital. He was the first non founder member at Joyce Green Hospital in Dartford and remained a member until the Hospital closed in 2000. He now runs the RJG website.

In his more youthful years, he ran the popular mobile disco Musification. And the Cold Harbour Disco Club, in Eltham. His son Tim is carrying on the family trade as DJ TymmyD.

His musical tastes are wide and varied. He will happily tell you that having first seen the Rolling Stones at the Woolwich Odeon, it was 30 years before he want to another Stones concert at Wembley Stadium. But has remained a lifelong fan. John feels just at home at The Royal Albert Hall for Proms concert or any local Jazz or Folk club.

"I just like music. If you're a music fan, then you can easily appreciate any artists efforts to entertain an audience, whatever kind of music they play."

John is also a fan of the steam radio, and likes nothing better that going to one of the BBC's London studios for a recording session. Usually comedy shows.

His other great love is live sport. Firstly, it is Motor Racing at Rockingham, Brands Hatch or Silverstone. He also likes to go to County Cricket, International Rugby and even Wimbledon. "You just can't beat the atmosphere at a live event" he says.

You can find out more about John by following the various links on this page. Each week, John will publish his weeks play list on the internet, for anyone who wishes to find out more about titles and artistes and albums used during his Wednesday night show.

Just copy this address into you web browser for the Playlist: