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Derek Scott
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A long time ago in the not too distant hospital Derek Scott broadcast to the patients of Radio St Nicks. It was whilst there that he introduced Alan King to the delights of broadcasting. Now, many years later things have turned full circle and Derek has accepted Alan's invitation to return to the air on Meridian Radio. In the (Park Radio), community radio (Radio Cabletown & Greenwich Sound) as well as a short stint on London Music Radio. Along the way he also made a couple of programmes for the TV service of Greenwich Cablevision.

After a long stint away from the mic he can now be heard utilising his early rising to present the Breakfast Show between 7 & 9 on Mondays and Tuesdays and, just in case he ever develops the ability to lay in, the Mid-day spin between 12 & 2 on Wednesdays.

Derek has a wide ranging taste in music (as long as it's good) although his favourite decade is the 60s.