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Dave Berry
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One of Meridian Radio's long serving and very experienced broadcasters, Dave Berry has delighted Saturday morning breakfast show listeners for years with his enthusiastic and lively style of presentation, his wide choice of music and his usual sacks full of requests from listeners. After a previous incarnation with Joyce Green Hospital Radio, Dave joined us first in the early 1980's and is currently Chairman of the registered charity which runs Meridian Radio. Recently married, Dave has a love for African and Indian food, bangra music and also the latest chart music, as well as the hits of past decades. He can usually be spotted bounding around the wards at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on a Friday night collecting requests, and is also a well known local disc jockey. Should you miss him around the wards (his humour and enthusiasm for the job make him hard to miss !) you can call Dave with your request or dedication on 020-8856-1120 during his Saturday morning show.

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