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Allen Taylor
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Allen is the Station Engineer and brings with him a wealth of musical talent and experience.
Since picking up a guitar as a young boy, Allen became one of the hottest guitar players in the country, touring the world and recording on numerous top 10 hits during the 60's and 70's. He also has lighting and technical experience and has toured with bands such as Queen and Cliff Richard.
Allen also lends to the record companies, due to his extensive record collection of 50,000+ records, which include many rarities, a collection he started from the age of 5.
Allen has also has 5 children. Samantha and Chris are his two children who take a huge interest in his work here at Meridian Radio, could they be future presenters?
Allens motto 'Music is my first love and it will always be my last'
Each week, Allen will publish his weeks play list on the internet, for anyone who wishes to find out more about titles and artistes and albums used during his Wednesday night show.
Just copy this address into you web browser for the Playlist: