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Kevin White
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Kevin, 28, joined Meridian Radio early in 1999 and with his journalistic and performance background he rapidly gained broadcasting experience.
Kevin is a real music nut. If he's not listening to it, he'll be playing it, if he's not playing it he'll be at a gig and in his spare time helps to run record label Bus Stop Records. He is also a keen competitve runner, competing across the South East for Cambridge Harriers.
When not with his two children from his previous relationship, Jamie and Lucy, he lives in his house in Plumstead and likes to unwind with comedy, contemporary literature and computer games. Kevin is also the webmaster for this site!
His preferred music listening is 90's 'Britrock' and 00's British guitar bands along with 60's rock and vocal artisits such as Ray Charles, John Martyn and Harry Nilsson, the latter being Kevin's favourite solo artiste. Kevin's main influences on the music he plays are from The Jam and early Blur records.

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